Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Knight After Knight...

So, I know I said I was going to make this post about my Fallen Mortifactors for 40k, but in true Hobby Butterfly style, I have fluttered over to other projects instead. Two to be precise... well, three... four technically.... ok FIVE! But four of them are for the same game! So that only counts as two, right? Right??

*Sighs* Okay...

So, firstly, I've been building a Bretonnian warband for Mordheim. There's talk of doing Mordheim at my local club and it was an excuse to build some Bretonnians without building an army, and throw in some cool conversions too. Feast your eyes on the pretties!

500 Gold for a Bretonnian Warband will buy you a Questing Knight, his squire, five Men-at-arms, three archers and enough equipment to let them kill things and keep from dying themselves. The Questing Knight and the Squire (The two at the front) have since been updated, the knight with a new mini and the Squire with different arms. All the minis are from Fireforge Games, mostly from the Foot Sergeants box, but the Squire and this version of the Knight are from the Dismounted Teutonic Knights box.

Ah-ha! There he is, my updated Questing knight. This guy is from the Dismounted Templar Knight box, again from Fireforge games (Their stuff is brillant for Bretonnians, as you will see) I really love the pose I've given this guy. Even though he's armed with a Greatsword, as is fitting for a Questing Knight, the pose is similar to a Plough guard used when fighting with a German longsword. My favourite guard of my favourite style of swordplay. The cloak and hood also make him look suitably heroic!

Hmm, yes. Much Epic Heroism here.

I should probably show you the rest of the Warband, right? Ok, here you go:

Sergeant and Halberdiers



So there you have it. One Bretonnian Warband, ready to smite evil in the name of the Lady of the Lake!

Yup, that's it. Nothing left to see here. Nope. Not at all.

Oh, the OTHER projects? You wanted to see them as well? I suppose that's ok.

Four factions for the same game. Saga! Two of the factions are Vikings and Anglo-Saxons/Anglo-Danes, which have been pretty much finished for a while. I've just been repairing  and paint-stripping them. The other two factions are Stark and Lannister for a Game of Thrones version of Saga. The rules are the same, just these two factions are different. Unfortunately in a mad rush to get the Stark warband finished and my camera (phone) dying, I don't have very many pics right now. However, the bits I need for my Lannister Warband turned up today, so I'll try to get some shots of them as I build them.

Here's the question though... do you like a blog with lots of pics or more typing or a nice balance of the two? 

I think I'll finish here today and add some more pics tomorrow... maybe.... It depends if I flutterby to another project. I doubt I will, but you never know. Until then, fellow humans (and cabbage-eating penguins!)

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